RESTful Java Web Services | JAX-RS Jersey and RESTEasy, Restlet 1.1 and 2.0, Struts 2 + REST Plugin

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This is the official website for the book RESTful Java Web Services, witten by Jose Sandoval.

ISBN-10: 1847196462
ISBN-13: 978-1847196460

This book is a guide for developing RESTful web services using Java and the most popular RESTful frameworks available today.

I cover the theory of REST. I cover practical coding examples of RESTful clients. I outline the RESTful design process. Finally, I implement a full social networking web service that adheres to all the REST constraints Fielding outlines in his thesis. I cover the following frameworks: Jersey JAX-RS, Restlet's Lightweight REST, JBoss JAX-RS RESTEasy, and Struts 2 + REST Plugin. The same RESTful web service; 4 different implementations.

If you are new to RESTful Java web services, if you are already familiar with REST theory and want to use the Java technology stack to create robust web services, if you want practical Java coding examples, this is the book for you.